Athanasia (Nancy) Sokka


Nancy is a Supreme Court attorney, has graduated from the University of Athens and specializes in corporate law along with the Greek stock exchange and capital market law, in public tenders and the law of public limited companies, major private agreements and real estate.

Nancy has worked with many Greek and foreign companies in the fields of industry, technical works, trade and tourism and has broad experience in advising international companies on a wide array of corporate and commercial issues. She has organized and implemented mergers, demergers, spin-offs and acquisitions in Greece in collaboration with foreign law firms, has carried out negotiations and implemented agreements for the long-term concession of public property to private companies, has co-operated with stockbrokers and the competent authorities in the listing of companies to the Athens Stock Exchange and has also acted as member of the arbitral court in international arbitration as per ICC/ICA rules.

Nancy is currently the legal advisor to the Greek subsidiaries and local branches of two international Groups listed in NYSE and EURONEXT, responsible also for all day-to-day issues and collaborating on a regular basis with the respective headquarters. She is also Secretary of the Board of Directors in said companies and Board member of several others.

Nancy speaks fluently Greek, English and German.


T: +30-2107255290
M: +30 37110000
E: [email protected]