Ifigeneia Papachristou


Ifigeneia is the youngest partner of our law firm. She has graduated Law School of Athens with grade «excellent» and she holds a master degree (LLM) in Civil Procedure Law. She is also a PhD Candidate on Civil Law. She occasionally collaborates with the Democritus University of Thrace as a research associate by lecturing tutoring classes in the undergraduate course “Civil and Civil Procedural Law Exercises”.

Since her student and postgraduate years, Ifigeneia was a restless researcher· she wrote essays oriented to civil law, arbitration, interim measures, alternative dispute resolutions and civil procedure. Already entangled on high profile cases within our firm, mainly in the arbitration area and Supreme Court, she has demonstrated solid professionalism and provided custom made solutions on complicated legal matters for a broad clientele, which attributed to her being a core member of KPlegal and a valuable asset on the long- term.

Her practice of area is civil litigation, arbitration, contract, tort, employment and commercial law. Ifigeneia is fully convinced that hard work, trust and consistency are the keys for real time and tailored solutions.

She fluently speaks Greek, English, German and French.


– Chronicle of Private Law (Chronika Idiotikou Dikaiou) 2019, p. 366: «Comment on No 108/2019 of Supreme Court: Precedent on tort»
– Legal Tribune (Nomiko Vima) 2019, p. 1465: «Comment on No 124/2019 decision of Patra’s Court of Appeal: The judicial protection of the creditor, who achieved the act be declared ineffective»


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