Real Estate

Kplegal is the most exceptional and specified law form in real estate issues. We are always acting for the real estate industry’s leading players, and we provide advises on the full range of real estate-related transactions. With an integrated network of leading individuals, we have the commitment, resources and know-how to get your deals done, whatever and wherever they are. Forward thinking and commercial in our approach, with a recognized ability to deliver complex deals, we handle the entire property ‘life-cycle’ from the initial acquisition, development, leasing, joint venturing and financing through to the final exit. Our commitment is that we can accomplish every project that you wish and has to do with the purchase of real estate or due diligence reports.

Civil and Criminal Litigation

Our law firm provides the highest level of services in civil litigation area. Our lawyers are highly educated and experienced in a way that they can afford everything you want to achieve. Kplegal approach to contested matters is keyed to promptly achieving a clear understanding of the underlying facts and the potential strengths and weaknesses of the client’s position, analyzing the applicable law, and working closely with the client to maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality. Our lawyers have an impressive success rate in the Supreme Court and they have participated in such trials that they have achieved to create new case law. In criminal litigation area, our criminal defense lawyers are astute, supportive and highly sophisticated, particularly known for their skills in providing strategic, sensible and practical criminal law advice and for our ability to keep potentially high profile cases out of the public eye.


With experience in drafting and negotiating contracts that set out the terms of various financial arrangements, providing legal advice to organizations engaged in transactions, such as initial public offerings or liquidations and creating a network of cooperation with several banking institutions in Greece, we provide noteworthy legal advices concerning various financial matters, always in accordance with the ongoing Greek capital system.

Health – Medical Law

We tailor our services to specific segments of the healthcare industry, including: Private and public hospitals, Information Technology, Litigation, Telemedicine and Health Information Technology. We develop innovative and creative ways to help healthcare clients increase their profitability and protect their assets. From representing hospitals in disputes with payors to receive adequate payment for their services or advising them for their next business plans, KPlegal has developed a reputation as an innovative problem solver and the best litigator in health care law.

Corporate Law

We offer a wide range of advise on subjects concerning commercial activity, compliance and investments. We support our clients in every form of corporate activity, from establishing a new corporation or drafting commercial contracts,to resolving shareholder’s disputes. We have had the privilege to work over the years with a great number of prominent companies from all over the world. We offer viable solutions and comprehensive guidance and we support our clients in every step of their corporate activity.


We focus on offering our clients practical solutions, taking into consideration the context in which they pursue their activities and the jurisdictions in which they operate. We provide a long-term vision without losing sight of potential reputational and other legal risks that may occur. We are in position to offer exceptional advice concerning the interpretation of contractual provisions, as they require a high level of legal knowledge and expertise.

Commercial, Mergers & Acquisitions

We extensively advise our Greek clients, international corporations and financial investors throughout all transaction phases. Characteristic of our advice is its creative legal structuring by interdisciplinary teams, a focused due diligence and tailor-made contracts. Personal advice from experienced transaction experts guarantees efficient project management. Our team is renowned experts in specific sectors such as automotive, trade, aerospace and defense, and health and insurance. Our international transactions are handled by teams which collaborate with other leading foreign law firms on a regular basis.

Public Procurements

Our International Public Projects and Procurement team provides cross-border and domestic advice to public sector organizations and utilities, companies bidding and doing business with them and institutions financing public sector projects in all of the key markets across Europe. We advise on all aspects of projects (structuring, financing, procuring and delivery) both in the EU and beyond, with particular strengths Aviation, Communications, Electronics, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Information Technology.

Criminal Law

Criminal investigation proceedings are a huge intrusion into the everyday life of the defendant. Especially in cases where the investigating authorities impose their severest measure of pre-trial detention, such proceedings can have a serious effect on the defendant’s professional and private life.
In a crisis of this kind, we not only see ourselves as legal counsel but also as a partner communicating on behalf of the defendant’s social and professional environment. This also includes dealing effectively with the media which are increasingly instrumentalised by law enforcement authorities by turning them against the person they have accused.


The past decades have seen a radical increase in international dispute settlement procedures. Because of that our firm expanded its activity and now it is among those specializing in international arbitration in Greece. The firm has extensive experience in representing its clients before the tribunals while a team of highly qualified members of the firm have acted as counsels in quite a few high-profile arbitration cases.

Insurance Law

Our law firm specializes in resolving disputes arising from Insurance Law, in public and mostly private security. The economic difficulties Greece has been facing in the past years have driven many Insolvency Companies to bankruptcy, and various disputes have arised. Our firm has been directly involved in judicial and advisory level in resolving those disputes and we provide high level legal services to our clients, as we delve into Insurance Law and on how it has differentiated during the recent years.

Insolvency Law

Insolvency is a fast – growing area in law practices in Greece since 2007. As a consequence, the cases of bankruptcy law have increased. However, in our law firm, we use our deep-related academic knowledge to effectively work in this area, thus assisting debtors as well as creditors. Our practice is developed in all forms of restricting and liquidation procedures as to producing integrated and efficient solutions.

Administrative Law

As the field of law responsible for the organization and functioning of the Public Administration, meaning all public services of the State and those legal entities that are distinguished as bodies of public authority and concerning their relations with the citizens, Administrative Law plays a vivid role in how investors, companies and individuals interact with the State. We provide a comprehensive range of services, including advising on regulatory matters, efficiently annulling Administrative Acts, and representing our clients before all levels of the Administrative Justice.

Family & Inheritance Law

Treating the issues and conflicts emerging from our client’ s personal life with respect and discretion, we provide legal consultation, mediation, representation in litigation (e.g. in case of divorce action), will- drafting, resolvement ofheritage issues, assistance in cases ofinternational ratification and all kinds of services concerning one of the most sensitive, yet vital subjects of legal science.

Environmental Law

We provide a comprehensive range of services at the area of Environmental Law. Our team, which has an extremely broad range of expertise in this area, help our clients to make commercial sense of the existing environmental laws, achieving as much as possible positive results in certain environmental actions. By any means, we effectively work identifying and managing the legal and commercial issues associated with projects about environmental law.